Hypnosis and Relaxation

Hypnosis, guided visualization and relaxation techniques such as meditation are well established methods that can be used for helping people with emotional “self regulation”.  These processes slow down the internal physiological system that produces stress and tension.

Hypnosis and visualization are particularly useful for treating specific fears, generalized anxiety and self destructive habits such as smoking.

Examples of difficulties Dr. Loew has successfully treated are:

  • A newly promoted health care executive had a fear of speaking to large groups of people, a requirement of her new position.
  • A man was told by his doctor he needed to stop smoking for a serious medical condition.
  • A young man blocks as he tries to study.
  • A writer is stressed because he procrastinates in his writing.
  • A young Olympic gymnast developed a fear of dismounting the high bar.

Dr. Loew is experienced in the successful use of hypnosis, visualization and relaxation techniques to produce results in a relatively short period of time.  In some of the above examples, results were achieved in approximately five sessions.

Part of Dr. Loew’s approach involves teaching the patient to practice these methods on his or her own, promoting independence and empowerment.