Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is useful for those—married or not—who experience any of the following:

  • Feelings of emptiness or alienation caused by absence of emotional intimacy or sex
  • Bickering and arguing
  • Struggle over control
  • Jealousy and infidelity

The unhappiness and pain caused by any of these conflicts can be profound and threaten the partnership.  The tension and pain can spill over into the workplace, undermining job performance.  Children can also be deeply affected as they often sense the tension and conflict even if they don’t see it directly.

Dr. Loew works collaboratively with partners to rebuild safety and trust — essentials in any partnership.  He then helps the couple to regain the good feelings that have been lost and to re-experience some of the romance they shared earlier in their relationship.

Depending on the couple’s needs, Dr. Loew then guides them to develop effective communication, empathic listening, and the open expression of feelings, all the while encouraging enjoyment in the relationship.  His goal is to inspire the couple to open themselves to each other in ways they didn’t think possible and to expand the foundation for their life together.

Couples Who Separate

While most couples seek therapy to enhance intimacy and revitalize the relationship, there are some situations where the couple may make a thoughtful decision to go their separate ways.  In such cases, Dr. Loew is experienced in helping the couple to chart a path to an amicable separation.  In so doing, Dr. Loew strives to help them to minimize the trauma to themselves and to mitigate the impact of their separation on their children.