Professional Affiliations

Throughout his career Clemens Loew has promoted training and continuing education for psychotherapists.  His goal has been to further the profession by assuring that new and experienced psychotherapists are able to learn the newest and most effective treatment techniques and modalities to benefit their patients.

In 1970 Dr. Loew co-founded the National Institute for the Psychotherapies to treat patients and to provide training and certification in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.  The Institute also provides continuing education for therapists to expand their expertise and to learn new techniques and approaches to support their integrated practices.  Through one- and four-year academic programs as well as internships, externships, post-doctoral fellowships and numerous special courses and colloquia, the Institute with its faculty of over 50 professionals plays a varied and important role in advancing the quality and effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment.

Dr. Loew continues as Board Director and faculty member of the Institute.  He is also the editor of the “Private Lives” section of the Institute’s journal, Psychoanalytic Perspectives: An International Journal of Integration and Innovation.   For guidelines on submission of articles for the Journal, including the “Private Lives” section, please click here.

Since 1973 Dr. Loew has served as Adjunct Clinical Supervisor at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology Yeshiva University, where he works with doctoral students.  He has also served on the faculty of The Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies in New York City since 2007.